The CX Trinity


by Alan Porter

The CX Trinity: Customers, Content, Context: Musings and Observations on the Evolving Customer Experience A compilation of 52 essays about customer experience, written by industry expert Alan J. Porter. These essays address Alan’s insights on creating a customer experience that gives customers the content they need within the right context.

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Welcome to the CX Trinity, a look at how we talk to customers, the content we provide to them, and the contexts in which they consume it. CX is an abbreviation for customer experience and is often used as a hashtag in social media.

Trinity comes from the belief that any good customer experience is driven by a combination of three critical elements:

  • Meeting the customer’s needs
  • Delivering the right content to help the customer
  • Understanding the context of where, when, and how the customer interacts with you

These observations are pulled together from 52 essays that originally appeared as blog posts on Alan’s Content Pool blog, LinkedIn, and the CMS Wire website. They reflect Alan’s years of experience writing, designing, and managing content for both large and small organizations. These essays have been collected, updated, and edited for this volume.


The essays are grouped into three categories:

  • Customers: How do we talk with customers, and how do we put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and give them the content they need.
  • Content: How do we create and manage content that serves the customer.
  • Context: How does the context within which we deliver content affect our customers and either help or hinder them as they use our products and services.

About the Author

Driven to educate, inform, and entertain through content.

Alan J. Porter is a recognized industry thought leader, balancing both tactical and strategic knowledge and a gift for storytelling. He is a regular contributor to various industry sources, webinar host, and podcast guest, as well as an in-demand speaker for conferences.

Editorial Reviews

“Join Alan as he surveys the customer-experience landscape in this insightful and handy book of 52 accessible and idea-inspiring essays.”
— Cruce Saunders, From the Foreword



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