XML Press was founded in 2008 to publish books and ebooks on writing, management, content strategy, technology, and social media. Our goal is to give technical communicators, content strategists, marketers, tools makers, and managers practical knowledge that helps them do their jobs more effectively.

Most XML Press books are available in both print and ebook formats:

Print editions

Print editions of our books are available from retailers worldwide, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble (US), Indigo (Canada), and Wordery (UK), among many others. The odds are pretty good that your favorite online bookstore carries our books.

Our publications may also be purchased directly from XML Press for business, educational, or promotional use. For more information, please call or send email.

eBook bundles

The XML Press eBook store offers bundled ePub, Kindle, and PDF versions of XML Press publications. All of our books purchased from this site are offered without DRM.

eBooks through other retailers and subscription

You can also purchase our eBooks through retailers worldwide, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, Google, and many others.

Contact Information

Email: publisher@xmlpress.net
Phone: (970) 231-3624
twitter: @xmlpress
Street: 458 Dallas St.
Denver, CO 80230

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